about me

Welcome to my site. My name is LIVIA ISKI, I am a Hungarian jewellery designer living in Kosice, Slovak Republic. My brand cynthia design exists since 2012 and got a refreshing six years ago when I gave birth to my daughter. I like creating unique pieces by using special dichroic glass for my fused jewels. Thinking of people having allergy problems I use safe stainless steel to finish the final outlook. My customers say I have a modern, but minimalistic, unique and a little bit futuristic style. Thank you for visiting my site. Hope you will enjoy exploring my collection as much as I do while working on them.


unique dichroic glass

Wikipedia: Modern dichroic glass is available as a result of materials research carried out by NASA and its contractors, who developed it for use in dichroic filters. Manufacture of modern dichroic glass:  Multiple ultra-thin layers of different metals (such as gold or silver); oxides of such metals as titanium, chromium, aluminium, zirconium, or magnesium; or silica are vaporised by an electron beam in a vacuum chamber. The vapor then condenses on the surface of the glass in the form of a crystal structure. The finished glass can have as many as 30 to 50 layers of these materials, yet the thickness of the total coating is approximately 30 to 35 millionths of an inch (about 760 to 890 nm). The coating that is created is very similar to a gemstone and, by careful control of thickness, different colors may be obtained. A plate of dichroic glass can be fused with other glass in multiple firings. Due to variations in the firing process, individual results can never be exactly predicted, so each piece of fused dichroic glass is unique.